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Combiation pH Electrode
Provides convenience and economical benefits where minimum trouble shooting and maintenance downtime desired.
Construction in Solid PVC / Teflon (PTEF) as per demand and is completely sealed to eliminate any leakage.
Ensures long sensor life in process solutions containing poisoning ions.

The Point pH Sensor-100 RP measures the pH of aqueous solutions in pipelines, tanks or ponds. It is suitable for all applications where a low cost disposable sensor is needed. The combination conical bulb pH electrode features a double junction reference configuration which is resistant to process solutions containing ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, sulphides, or other poisoning ions. The conical designs achieves self cleaning by itself.

The sensor is housed in a solid rugged PVC or PTFE (Teflon) body as per demand. The complete encapsulation eliminates leakage or high humidity problems. The simple construction is convenient for installation and GELLED electrode does not require electrolyte (KCI) replacement or any high maintenance/trouble shooting procedures.

The sensor is with built in pre-amplifier to convert the high impedance pH signal into stable, noise free signal to achieve a reliable pH - measurement.

Material of construction
Process connection
Measured Range
Temperature compensation
Sample: Flow Rate
PVC/or PTFE (Teflon) solid rugged
1" NPT (M)
2 Meter Long
0 - 14 pH
Built in
Automatic 0 - 85°C
50 L/Hr. max.
4 bar max.
upto 70°C
Suitable for any compactible transmitter
0.5 Kg. Approx.
Operating Manual Request a quote PDF

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