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Load Cell
S-Type Load Cell are high performance, low cost, low profile off-centre single point loadcells with very good sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy. These loadcells have been specially designed considering the Bench Scales and Platform sized of up to 600mmX600mm. It is designed for eccentric load and gives the same output when the load are put in the center or at the corner. Corner adjustment is also very easy in this design. These loadcells are protected with high grade silicon compound for IP66 grade protection so that the loadcells give predictable performance in both, dry or humid environments.
Rated Capacities (Kg.) 100, 200, 300
Rated Output 2m V/V±10%
Non-linearity <±0.02% of full scale
Creep (30 Mins) <±0.03% of full scale
Zero <1% of full scale
Hysteresis <±0.02% of full scale
Repeatability <±0.02% of full scale
Temp. Effect on Output ±0.012% Load / 10°C
Temp. Effect on Zero ±0.02% R.O. / 10°C
Compensated Temp. Range -10°C to 50°C
Operating Temp. Range -20°C to 60°C
Safe Overload 150% of Rated Capacity
Input Impendance 400± 30 Ohms
Output Impedance 350± 3 Ohms
Insulation Resistance >2000 Mohms
Recommended Excitation 5-12 VDC
Maximum Exitation 15 VDC
Maximum Platform Size 500mmX500mm
Protection Class IP 66 Sealing
Cable Connection Input: Red (+) White (-)
Output: Green (+) Blue (-)
• High Strength International Grade Aluminum construction / Special grade electro-less nickel plated tool steel construction
• Economically priced, Low cost
• Low profile and convenient to use
• High Accuracy 0.03%
• Wide capacity range 100Kg to 300Kg
• Environmentally protected to protection class IP65
• Support pan size up to 500mmX500mm / 600mmX600mm
• Easy corner adjustment for accurate corner loading
Bench Scale, Platform Scale, Conveyor Scale, Personal Weighing Scale, Bag Weighing Scale, Hopper Scale etc.
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